February 1978 Newsletter

IAHF ( Italian American Heritage Foundation )
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IAHF, United States 
Cover: by Allen Sauerwein, Cover Photo: 18 Month Old Tina Melander is the daughter of Nancy and Tim Melander and granddaughter of IAHF President John and Lonnie DeVincenzi. Picture of Tina was taken as she watched grandpa receive gavel from the outgoing president at the January 19th dinner meeting. Photo by Bill Bondi
pg 1 & 6, A Message from the President, John De Vincenzi, photo
pg 2. Organization Update
Did You Know? Leap Year
pg 3. We Need You!
Young Italian Americans want to start a club, The young Italian Americans who have helped at various activities are, from left to right: Marcia DeVincenzi, Jon Sauerwein, Lisa Agnoletti, Mary Ann Devincenzi
A Legend of the Valentine
Tapestry in Talent
pg 4. January Dinner Meeting, Barbara and Salvatore Falcone at IAHF Meeting
After the meeting - the dancing begins!
Steve DeMaio and friend
Murphy Sabatino, past president, with some members of his family and a toast
2nd V.P. Rocci Pisano, President John DeVincenzi and Carl Lepiane
The DeVincenzi family from the oldest, Mary - 85 years old, to the youngest, Tina Melander, 18 months
Three former pupils (Don Lima, John DeVincenzi, and Murphy Sabatino) give their old Italian teacher, Dominic Cirincione, a real boost
Mary DeVincenzi, 85 years old, mother of the new president, John DeVincenzi at January 16th dinner
Founder and past president, Don Lima with IAHF Publicity Chairperson, Evelyn McGrath and past secretary, Mary Lima
Essay Committee Chairman, Domenic Cirincione with member of the Board and Essay Committee, Frank Fiscalini
pg 5. Italian in Santa Clara High School, Salvatore J. Falcone
Learn to Speak, Read, and Write Italian
Opera Workshop
Learn to Speak, Read, and Write English
pg 6. Letters to the Editor, Fanny Cimoli, Ken Borelli, Ken is a social work Supervisor and immigration consultant in the Dept. of Social Services in Santa Clara County,
Janet Gray Hayes, Mayor, City of San Jose, Josetta and Dad (Nick) Buttitta and Tony & Dot Apton, Clarence & Bernice Leen, Dale Area, Floyd & Pat Reece, David & Lila Barker, Robert & Jean Richie, Anthony & Carrie Billalba, Al & Caroline Salice, Joe Campagna, Toni Souza, Homer & Eileen Eastman, Jack Walls, Jean Woo, Leota Freeman, Paul Wood, Ben & Lupe Gonzales, Ben Yaffee, Victor & Rebecca Ho, and Ruth Young
pg 7. Welcome John!
Father A. Nalin urges all IAHF members to send for a free copy of L'Itallo Americano, a bilingual weekly Scalabrini publication. Maria Gloria Rando, No. Calif. Correspondent for L'Italo Americano, Maria Gloria Rando, Father A. Nalin
Italian Opera Classes
Essay Contest
IAHF extends its condolences to the Ruggiero family
pg 8. People in the News
pg 10. Christ in Concrete Rediscovered, Book review by Ken Borelli
Attention All Organizations, John DeVincenzi, President, IAHF
Tiny Town of Pizza and Straw Hat Pizza, photo, John Hollingsworth (left), Vice President and General Manager of Straw Hat Restaurants, accepts the key to the city from the mayor of Cetara, Italy, di D'EMMA Benito Sindaco, and his aide.
pg 11. They, Too Made Our Country Great: Francesca Vigo (1747-1836) Francesca Vigo was born near Torino, Italy, and died in Vincennes, Ind.
Italians & Italians, Ann Meridier
Responsibility, Glenn W. Hoffman, Superintendent of Schools, Santa Clara County
pg 12. Looking into the World of Sports: 1977 in Sports, Football in 1977, Linda Abronzino
Baseball in 1977
Basketball in 1977
Soccer in 1977
Auto Racing in 1977
Home Schedule for the Warriors: February and March
Sport Shorts, Linda Abronzino
Tony Lazzeri: The Forgotten Man of Baseball, Gino J. Simi, Director, Italian American News Service
pg 13. The Renaissance of Robertsville, Anita Venezia
Gas station
Gallery Features Italian Artist
pg 14. From the Jeanniebug Kitchen: Valentine's Day Special, Recipe: Valentine Cherry Berry Desert, Jeannie Bertucelli, Food Editor
Recipe: Artichokes Parmesan
Recipe: Linguini with Red Clam Sauce
Recipe: Cacciatore Con Salsa
Recipe: Cappuccino Quick Style
Italian American Heritage Foundation News
pg 15. Benvenuti Nuovi Membri! Info on editors and board members
photo, Gioia Melina and her fish catch Talks about how her grandfather, Dominic Cirincione, caught a big fish, and then so did Gioia  
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