April 1978 Newsletter

IAHF ( Italian American Heritage Foundation )
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IAHF, United States 
pg 1. A Message from the President, John De Vincenzi
pg 1&6. IAHF Ballo Inaugural, IAHF's first gala social event of 1978, the Inaugural Ball honoring new president, John De Vincenzi
pg 1. Tony Bennett, Tony Bennett will be the star performer of the finale of this year's Annual Italian-American Cultural Week Extravaganza, photo: Tony Bennett
Thank You, Home Federal Savings
pg 2. Festival Booth Operators, Lonnie De Vincenzi,
pg 3&10. Victor F. Corsiglia, Sr.: Everybody's All American Humanitarian, Louis A. Duino, photo: "The Little Ole Man (photo of Victor F. Corsiglia, Sr.)
pg 3. A Tribute
pg 4. The Italian Connection
Italian for Travelers
Maria Di Fonti Bunny Hop
Young Italian Americans, Maria De Vincenzi
Membership Committee, John De Vincenzi
pg 5. From the Jeanniebug Kitchen: Happy Springtime, Jeannie Bertucelli,
Recipe: Marinated Calamari
Recipe: Cabbage Rolls/Marinara Sauce
Recipe: Cannelloni
Recipe: Broccoli alla Jena
Recipe: Gelati di Albicoci (Apricot Sherbet)
Tapestry Talent
pg 6. People in the News
pg 7. Shopping Italian Style, Ursula Anzalone
Youth on TV, Jonathan Sauerwein
Attention Students!, Talks about the extended Essay Contest and where to turn in essays, Salvatore Falcone
pg 8. Letters to the Editor, George and Rose Tanno
Barabara M. Cassin
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Neri
Adrie and Larry Cimoli
Andrew M. Canepa
Message from the Fincancial Secretary, Linda Abronzino
pg 9. We're As American As Anyone Else, Rev. Salvatore De Vita, Reprinted from: Fra Noi, Vol. XIX, No.3 March 1978
Candi Milo Sang at IAHF Inaugural Ball on March 1978, photo: Candi Milo
pg 10. Benvenuti Nuovi Membri!
Italian American Heritage Foundation News
pg 11. Looking into the World of Sports, Linda Abronzino, Tonnette is moving up... Tonnette Giafaglione wrote to Mercury News telling them what she thought about their handling of Oakland A's. Now Tonnette is giving "Sport Magazine" a good word about Ricky Barry, Earthquake soccer Home Schedule
Big Brothers' - Bog Sisters', Big Sister and Big Brother Gold weekend, Linda Abronzino
Letters...,Gil Bravo and Phil Arena, Coaches, San Jose Eagla  
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