May 1978 Newsletter

IAHF ( Italian American Heritage Foundation )
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IAHF, United States 
pg 1. A Message from the President, John De Vincenzi
A Gift of Life, Ursula Anzalone, photo: Rose Catania & Domenic Cirincione
Mother's Day
Short hand - 63 BC!
pg 3. Italian Day at Candlestick Park, photo: Vic Corsiglia, photo: Tommy Lasorda, photo: Joe Altobelli
pg 4. Don Lima Honored, Don Lima was honored with the Cultural Integrity and World Harmony Award from the Transcendental Meditation program, Mary Anne Tomacci, photo: Don Lima
The watercolors of Maureen Thrush and Harry Lew are on display this month at Tapestry in Talents mini-gallery
Essay Contest Closed
Sons of Sicily
Murphy Sabatino & Domenic Cirincione, photo: Murphy Sabatino & Domenic Cirincione
Mediocrity of Excellence? Marvin Rickard
pg 5. You Say You Need Some Furniture, photo: Robert Facchino, John De Vincenzi, & Hank Mestice, photo: 3 pictures of "Some of the Volunteers"
Bill Bondi Photographer for IAHF News
pg 8. Looking into the World of Sports, Linda Abronzino: Shoot Out Should Be Shot Out. Shoot-out rule for San Jose Earthquakes is implemented where if there is a tie at the end of a 90-minute regulation game plus a 15 min overtime, 5 players from each team rotate turns at taking a shot at the goalie.
Sport Shorts Daniel Bazzani Linda Abronzino
Johnny Petraglia
Joe Ippolito
Rollie Massimino
Rocky Mattioli
Sandra Fonteno
An Ode to Linda, M. Giovanni Chattono
Women and Bocce Ball
Notice, Wayne Leslie, physical therapist for many Italians needs someone to help him cross the language barrier since most of his patients speak only Italian
Italian American Festival, Lonnie De Vincenzi
Summertime, The lawyer's wives of Santa Clara County will be presenting "Summertime a luncheon and fashion show"
Did You Know?
pg 9. Mother's Day food, Jeannie Bertucelli
Recipe: Stewed Bell Peppers
Recipe: Veal with Eggplant
Recipe: Cherries in Bardo Wine
San Francisco Chronicle: Editorial
pg 10. Letters to the Editor, Bruce Franks, The Showcasse Mansion '78 Committee, Angela Speno
Defining Success
Untitled: Conversation between my little granddaughter and her friend
pg 11. To All Members.....Renewing Memberships..... John De Vincenzi
Ice Cream - The Great Italian Invention  
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